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Online Guidebook

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Complete state wide map set for Cross Vermont Trail. (PDF 3MB)

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Where the heck is the Cross Vermont Trail?

It is a patchwork quilt being stitched together from many local paths. Maps, guide descriptions, and signs will help you find the open sections of trail, and highlight the best roads to connect them together and make longer trips.

Navigate the route by combining signs with maps, cue sheets, and written guide material. There are hundreds of signs statewide, but also long stretches between them. It may be difficult to follow the route using signs as the only source of information. Learn more.

Trail etiquette talks about things to keep in mind when travelling on shared use paths. Road rules gives advice on how to safely bike or walk on roads that connect together the paths.

For more background, read About Our Trail. And check out trip stories from other trail users.

Maps and Cue Sheets

Maps can be viewed online or downloaded as PDF's to print at home.
There are twelve maps to cover the complete statewide route.

Interactive Digital Maps can also be viewed online or downloaded.

Note: In some places, Google Maps indicates trails and old woods roads that may not actually exist in the real world. These are shown as pale white lines. The correct Cross Vermont Trail route is always shown as a bright, happy, RED line. That's the one to trust. Thanks and enjoy!

Cue Sheets are brief, turn by turn directions. (Learn more about cue sheets here.) Shorter cue sheets accompany each printable map. The following links are to longer cue sheets, each showing the statewide route in a single document.

thumb of statewide map

Statewide at a glance.
The entire route summarized on one piece of paper.
(Not very detailed, though.) (PDF 832KB)

Temporary Route Notices ~ storm damage, road construction, you name it. Check here for updates on temporary changes or impacts to plan around along the Cross Vermont Trail route. Use this information in addition to the information in our maps and cue sheets.

Narrative Description of Route

In depth description, including photos. Additional detail about parking areas and points of interest. Tips on how to navigate potentially confusing turns and intersections. Also links to other websites that relate to the Cross Vermont Trail. The description is complete, but we are always working to add to it, so let us know what you would like to see included!

Guide to Nature and History

Look beneath the surface. Learn more about the rivers that form the heart of the statewide route, the landscape around it, and the people who have lived here.

The guide is written in part by local middle and high school students. We'd like to work with more classes to continue to improve and expand it.


"Mouth of the Winooski River" Loop. Visit a string of parks and trails along the Winooski River between Williston and Burlington. Leads to "mouth of the river" where the Winooski ends at shores of Lake Champlain.

"Wells River Village" Loop. Make a day trip out of scenic country roads around Village of Wells River, including the Bayley-Hazen Road of Revolutionary War fame. Unexpected history of this road, and further trips to explore, described in the Bayley-Hazen brochure. (PDF 402KB)

Brochures for trails along the Cross Vermont Trail route.

Wells River Nature Area brochure. (PDF 481KB; prints out on legal size paper.)

The Pine Mountain Wildlife Management Area (PDF 235KB; prints out on letter size paper.) can be accessed from the Cross Vermont Trail at a gateway parking area on the Groton-Ryegate town line.

Groton State Forest day trip brochure. (PDF 697KB; prints out on legal size paper.) Focuses on the area along the Cross Vermont Trail between Marshfield Village and Groton Village, including Groton State Forest. (Summarizes Maps 2 and 3 of the statewide route.)

Cold Brook Path, in Marshfield (at "the old sandpit", up the hill from Twinfield School).

CVTA is interested in creating a new brochure for trails and healthy outdoor exercise opportunities in the Plainfield area. Stay tuned, or give us a call if interested in helping with this project.

East Montpelier Trails brochure. (PDF 316KB; prints out on letter size paper.)

Map of trails in Montpelier City parks. (PDF 344KB; prints out on letter size paper.)

The Green Mountain Byway "Stowe and Waterbury Recreation Guide" is a very nicely done, and free, map of trails in those two towns. Not available digitally, it seems. Look for it as a handout at local businesses.

In Bolton, junction with the Honey Hollow Trail, which creates a 7-mile mountain bike and XC ski loop with the Catamount Trail. We also overlap with the route of the Long Trail on a town dirt road along the banks of the Winooski. These trails give access to the 20,000 acre Camels Hump State Park and forest reserve (GIF 71KB.).

Richmond Trails brochure. (PDF 5 MB; prints out on legal size paper.)

Winooski Valley Park District map. (PDF 342KB; prints out on 11x17 size paper.)

A great map of Burlington area showing all bike paths, routes, lanes and ways is available for free from the Burlington Department of Public Works. Call them at 863-9094, or look for it as a hand out at local bike shops, etc. Not currently available digitally, it seems. Hopefully this stays in print!


There are several campgrounds along the route of the trail - some state parks and some private businesses. CVTA does not endorse any one in particular, but here are links to follow off site to learn more about them. (And drop us a line if you have information to add to this list.)

To learn about campgrounds in state parks go to: www.vtstateparks.com.

And for a map and listing of members of the Vermont Campground Association go to: www.campvermont.com.

Don't Stop.

To the west, Cross Vermont route joins with Lake Champlain Bikeway, over 1,100 miles of mapped bike routes circumnavigating Lake Champlain through Vermont, New York, and Quebec.

To the east, just over the Connecticut River from Wells River, Vermont is the Ammonoosuc Rail-Trail managed by New Hampshire Trails. The highway bridge over the Connecticut River has a separated sidewalk, so it is easy to go over to Woodsville and connect to the trails there.

Introducing . . .   the Cross New Hampshire Adventure Trail!

Friends of the Cross Vt Trail in northern New Hampshire want to 'keep it going' - east from Wells River all the way across NH to Bethel Maine. Learn more about this new idea. Be a BETA tester - take a spin and let us know what you think.