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The Cross Vermont Trail is a project to build a multi-use, four season path across the width of Vermont; following the Winooski River and Wells River valleys.

The trail is connecting together communities, their schools, and the natural areas between. You can help! The Cross Vermont Trail Association is an incorporated, private non-profit, member based and volunteer driven. Everyone is welcome to join.


Along the Cross Vermont Trail:

Middlesex Town Meeting Ballot Item:

We are ON the March 2018 Middlesex town meeting agenda. This is a one time ask for a dollar per resident contribution for the Winooski Bridge and U-32 trails project. Contribution will be matched by all the other U-32 towns and also Montpelier and Plainfield. Are you a Middlesex resident? We need your help! Don't hesitate to Contact Us with any questions or thoughts about the Cross Vermont Trail project, and this request for town funding.

Petition and Project Fact Sheet. (PDF)

First Day Hike and Bike!


Due to harsh cold, the larger event on Jan 1 will be RESCHEDULED. Stay tuned for details. HOWEVER, we will still meet at Seyon at 11 AM Jan 1 for a simple hike, for those who would like. (And the trails are open in any case for fatbiking - byobike and note that there is a small day fee to use the trails on normal days when not part of a special event.)

Ring in the New Year with a fat bike demo day, and guided rides as well as snowshoe hikes around the groomed trails at Seyon Lodge and Noyes Pond in Groton State Forest. The Schedule on January 1 starts at 10 AM with demo rides, then at 11 the guided bike and snowshoe trips head out, returning to hot cocoa and waffles back at the lodge! (Really, the garage of the lodge, but hey, it's free!)

Learn more about all of the First Day events at Vermont State Parks.

And download the event poster here.

Our Keystone Project

We're getting the Cross Vermont Trail off the shoulder of Rte 2 and onto a path in the woods - in East Montpelier.

Finally, the pieces are all coming together. We're aiming to build miles of new trail and a big bridge over the Winooski River.
It's going to be pretty cool. Learn more.

We're raising $250,000
in local donations to get the job done.

fundraising thermometer

Make a donation.

Now - if you make a donation of $50 or more you can show your "Build the Bridge!" pride with the new Cross Vt Trail t-shirt we'll send you.
Give us a shout to get yours.

THANK YOU, to the towns that voted at 2017 Town Meeting
to support funding for "Build the Bridge!"

We're in the homestretch ~ read and share the whole story.


January 18, 2018

We made it to the next step! We are on the Middlesex town meeting ballot for March 2018. Thanks to 95 Middlesex residents, lead by the members of the town Conservation Commission, for successfully petitioning to have the Cross Vt Trail Winooski Bridge and U-32 trails funding request included. It was big effort and will make a big difference. A contribution from Middlesex would be matched by Montpelier, and be joined by contributions already made by all the other U-32 towns plus Plainfield - and will help us finish fundraising and start building the keystone piece of the Cross Vermont Trail!

trail bridge with rocket

January 1, 2018

Pleasant once we had sprinted to the shelter of the trees, great views of Noyes Pond in Ansel Adams glory. First Day Hike this morning at Seyon Lodge in Groton State Forest.

Stay tuned for rescheduled date of larger event at Seyon to be held later this winter.

2018 First Day Hike view of Noyes Pond view of Noyes Pond trailhead sign

December 30, 2017


The big event at Seyon will be RESCHEDULED to a later date, when the weather is more welcoming. This is the bike demos, the multiple guided trips, and the waffles as well. Stay tuned for notice of the new date . . . when the oracles clarify.

However, if you feel prepared for the cold cold weather, and would still like to explore the trails at Noyes Pond (Seyon Lodge) in Groton State Forest, on New Years Day, there are two options . . . 1.) We will meet at 11 AM for a simple snowshoe hike, we can customize the hike to how the attendees feel, and with an eye on the weather. 2.) For fatbiking, the trails at Seyon are open to the public in any case. It is a State Park and there is a modest fee to use the trails.

You can see more info at the State Park First Day page and general info about Seyon Lodge at their page.

thermometer below zero at noon

October 29, 2017

Costume photos from today's Onion River Sports Halloween 5K fun run; this year a benefit for the Cross Vt Trail. Thanks guys! and gals, and wookies, and tigers, and caped crusaders, and one four person anthropamorphic s'more sandwich, and fleetfooted Diana the Huntress. (Click here for full size images.)

costume fun run costume fun run costume fun run costume fun run costume fun run costume fun run costume fun run costume fun run costume fun run costume fun run costume fun run costume fun run costume fun run costume fun run costume fun run costume fun run costume fun run costume fun run costume fun run costume fun run costume fun run costume fun run costume fun run costume fun run costume fun run costume fun run costume fun run costume fun run costume fun run costume fun run

October 26, 2017

Central Vermont Back Road Bike Tours UPDATE. Do you have a favorite Washington County ride you'd like to share? The Central Vt Chamber of Commerce is embarking on a long due update of their popular, free, back road bike tour guide. And they'd like to hear from you!

Contact Tonya Barnett at the Central VT Chamber. (802) 229-5711 or www.centralvt.com.

bike route brochure cover

October 24, 2017

Polish on the little bypass of the "big blowout" (east of Rt 14 on the railtrail) this past weekend. Now to settle in and plan for much bigger work next year - stabilizing and restoring the stream, and making a bypass trail that matches up better with the railbed (wide, smooth, gradual yet still swoopy rest assured).

bridge with rails marking closed section of trail trail information sign trail map

October 19, 2017

So, the irony is that when it's a railtrail it doesn't need rails, but when it's a bypass of a railtrail it's got to have rails. It's just that, I wish it made more sense. Anyway, join us this Saturday to put rails on the little bypass bridge, and to contemplate the future of the 'Big Blowout' on the railtrail in East Montpelier.

small trail bridge

October 8, 2017

We're starting to make plans for a long term solution to the Big Washout in East Montpelier, the site of CVTA's most recent permanent easement. Engineering students from Norwich were on site this weekend, taking measurements, names, etc. We also had help from UVM students, whose liberal arts skills were to put to use (making erudite small talk while) shoveling out ditches.

engineering students help on trail engineering students help on trail engineering students help on trail men with shovels

October 6, 2017

We are fixing the big washout. On the rail trail in East Montpelier, east of Rt 14. CVTA has purchased a permanent easement allowing us to repair the railbed or to build a sustainable long lasting by pass trail. We're making plans now - you can have say, give a call. We're doing visits to the site (and volunteer work parties) on Oct 7 and Oct 21. Also, we're doing our first attempt at a formal use count on this section of trail - super scientific, easy work, more hands the better, give a call if interested.

trail washout

October 1, 2017

Fall Foliage Ride - 20th annual - was a good time yesterday; into the teeth of the seasonal weather. Advice from one young rider: ride is not so bad if after going over an actual river and through actual woods the trail then does in fact go by your actual grandmother's house, where you can recuperate and be rewarded. (Click here for full size images.)

2017 xvt foliage ride 2017 xvt foliage ride 2017 xvt foliage ride 2017 xvt foliage ride 2017 xvt foliage ride 2017 xvt foliage ride 2017 xvt foliage ride

September 20, 2017

Montpelier's public spaces Beautification Bandit strikes again, along the bike path. That's a spot that needed it, nice!

trailside kiosk trailside kiosk trailside kiosk trailside kiosk trailside kiosk

September 11, 2017

XVT summer vol crew made a big dent in the steep - "wait, what?, uh-oh" - section of Telephone Line Trail in Groton State Forest. (Click here for full size images.)

2017 vol trail crew 2017 vol trail crew 2017 vol trail crew 2017 vol trail crew 2017 vol trail crew 2017 vol trail crew 2017 vol trail crew 2017 vol trail crew 2017 vol trail crew 2017 vol trail crew 2017 vol trail crew 2017 vol trail crew 2017 vol trail crew 2017 vol trail crew 2017 vol trail crew 2017 vol trail crew

July 16, 2017

Scarfing the joints for the Mallory Brook log bridge rebuild on East Montpelier Trail.

prepping log scarfs with chainsaw single bit axe in action double bit axe in action broad axe in action

July 15, 2017

Tenney Memorial Library's Family Outdoor Adventure Group heads out on the Blue Mt nature trails and XVT, what a great day for a hike!

group of hikers look at sign

July 14, 2017

Pleasant, muddy morning with a large group of volunteers from the Conservation Alliance of businesses; big dose of good deeds for the Civilian Conservation Corps history trail at Little River State Park. And yes, Cucumber Soda was served with lunch, quite properly.

people in front of trail ditch men in muddy ditch woman with muddy gloves cucumber soda

July 10, 2017

Moving up the logs for the Mallory Brook Bridge rebuild on the East Montpelier Trail. More to come next Saturday as big-little-bridge-month crescendos.

man with pulp hook logs

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Guidebook to nature and history along the Cross Vermont Trail.

Look beneath the surface. Explore the landscape of the trail.

Download a copy. (PDF 14 MB)

(The nature and history guide is keyed to locations in the statewide route map set.)

The guide is written in part by local middle and high school students. We'd like to work with more classes to continue to improve and expand it.

Giddy Up!
The big washout
in East Montplier.

We're getting close
to a fix of
the big washout.

Learn more.

Introducing . . .   the Cross New Hampshire Adventure Trail!

Friends of the Cross Vt Trail in northern New Hampshire want to 'keep it going' - east from Wells River all the way across NH to Bethel Maine. Learn more about this new idea. Be a BETA tester - take a spin and let us know what you think.

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