Temporary Route Notices

Storm damage, road construction, you name it. Check here for updates on temporary changes or impacts to plan around along the Cross Vermont Trail route. Use this information in addition to the information in our maps and cue sheets.

Muddy Brook Bridge on Kimball Ave (South Burlington) and Marshall Avenue (Williston) closed through Fall 2021.

Major road reconstruction of a bridge at the border of South Burlington and Williston will require a detour on a portion of the Cross Vermont Trail route through Fall 2021 - at least until November. Read the municipal project update page here.

There isn't an obvious bike path alternative, since the border between SB and Williston is the mighty Muddy Brook, cross-able in only a few places. A road detour will be signed of course, and you can follow that. Glancing at a street map, a short way around would be to take, from Kimball Ave, Gregory Drive up to Route 2, then east to Engineers Drive and that back down to Marshall Ave.

You can also explore longer alternate routes - here are links with maps to pursue.

Let us know if you find a good one we can share with others!

This notice affects Map 12.

The crossing goes both ways. When the work is completed, humans will pass over the brook better, while other creatures will more easily pass under. Muddy Brook is a neat natural corridor sneaking behind the suburban veneer.

The big blowout in East Montpelier.

FIXED. Trail here is fully open as of 7/10/2021. The big blowout in East Montpelier is on the rail trail section about half way between Rte 14 and Country Club Rd. It happened in May 2011, and a new 600 foot long permanent bypass trail was completed and opened July 2021. Learn more here. This notice affects Map 5.

The other big blowout, this one in Wells River.

FIXED. Trail here is fully open as of 9/30/2020. There was a washed out culvert on the railbed in Wells River, just east of Blue Mt Union and just west of intersection with Route 302. Vt Forests, Parks and Rec secured emergency funds to repair the trail, which was done Fall 2020.

August 2021 update - we are doing a little more work beyond the fixed washout. You will see piles of gravel, and whatnot, but go ahead and walk around those, the trail is open.

Beavers repurpose railbed as dam. (Ongoing issues.)

We can't fault them for repurposing the railbed, that'd be the pot calling the kettle black. At various times, it ebbs and flows, beavers will block culverts under the old railbed and use it as a dam to make their pond. Sometimes they (busily) build their dams up taller than the old bed, and water spills over onto the trail making large puddles. It's dramatic and cool to see. Many people can just splash through. However, it does make the going more difficult. Periodically this happens in the Wells River Conservation area behind Blue Mountain Union, and in Groton State Forest west of Lanesboro. This notice affects Maps 1 and 3.