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Donate to the Cross Vermont Trail
online using any major credit card

Donating is easy - here's how:
You can use any major credit card.
(PayPal is just the processor.)
After you click the "Donate" button, follow the instructions to pick your preferred payment type. Thanks!

Or donate through the mail

Cross Vermont Trail Association
PO Box 116
Montpelier, VT 05601

Donations to CVTA can be tax deductible.

See our tax deductible faq for more information.

cedar log carried by volunteer I-beam on trailer large push mower

Every dollar goes to work.

The CVTA is supported entirely by donations. (We sell nothing. We charge no fees.) Some times it just costs money to:

  • secure public access for trails from landowners willing to sell
  • buy construction material, contract with engineers and surveyors
  • maintain trail signs and route guides, printing and website costs
  • hire skilled people to coordinate and teach volunteers and youth groups working out on the trail
  • pay staff to stay on top of and ensure compliance with government regulations and permit requirements

We do apply for and win competitive government grants to help fund many of our projects. However, these grants can pay only part of the cost of any one item. Private donations are needed also for each thing we buy to create the trail.

Major Gifts.

We are lucky that occasionally people choose to make a significant investment in the future of the Cross Vermont Trail by making a major gift. We are happy to talk together with supporters to make the process easy. Multi year pledges, gifts in the form of stock, and other considerations - let us know what might make the most sense for you.

If you would like, major gifts can be commemorated on the trail - on a bench at a scenic vista, with a plaque on a major structure. Your donation can help make real an important part of the trail, which can be dedicated to the memory of someone important to you. Let us know if this is something you'd be interested in talking more about.

Donate building materials, or help us out with your equipment.

Maybe you've got some stuff you are looking to get rid of that would be useful on the trail. Give us a call. If it is worthwhile we can haul it away at no cost to you.

Businesses take note - donations of inventory to CVTA can be tax deductible.

Can't afford to donate? Bargain sales are great too - give us a deal while recovering some of your original cost.

Or, do you have power equipment that you would be interested in bringing to use at a trail building project?

wish list . . .

  • Landscaping or construction material left over or salvaged from a renovation you have completed.
  • The old culvert from when you put in the new, bigger one on your driveway.
  • Stone or timbers used in small retaining walls.
  • Tree seedlings that can be transplanted to areas along the trail that need to be revegetated.
  • Standing timber you want to clear, but you don't have a use for the logs.
  • Mulch hay that is no good for use with animals.
  • Inventory you cannot sell such as lumber that is imperfect or wood stain nearing expiration.
  • Hand tools, yard tools. A little rusty is OK. Shovels, wheelbarrows, hammers . . .
  • Volunteer to help us with your brushhog or weedwhacker.
  • Bring out your small tractor with a bucket or a backhoe to a trail building project.
  • Use your truck to help us pick up material donated by other people!
  • Call us with your idea . . .