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The Cross Vermont Trail is a project to build a multi-use, four season path across the width of Vermont; following the Winooski River and Wells River valleys.

The trail is connecting together communities, their schools, and the natural areas between. You can help! The Cross Vermont Trail Association is an incorporated, private non-profit, member based and volunteer driven. Everyone is welcome to join.


Along the Cross Vermont Trail:

2020 Central Vermont Cycling Tour has been suspended.

We were waiting in hopes of good news in the progress to control Covid-19 spread. However at this time limits on social gatherings and travel from out of state in Vermont are still quite strict, reasonably. The whole point of the Central Vermont Cycling Tour is to physically get together and celebrate as a community, so if we can't do that, we will give it a rest this year and plan to go ahead again next year in 2021.

MEANWHILE: It's been a beautiful spring and early summer, and a great time to "ride your own ride" and get out on bikes, on trails and scenic back roads. You can download our route maps from event website and explore at your own pace. (Also, the Morse Farm creemee stand is open for business, if you happen to be passing by after a sixty mile ride, just saying.)

AND TRAIL BUILDING GOES AHEAD: Trailbuilding is NOT suspended. The larger work of Cross Vermont Trail Association persists, including the start of construction of our decades in the making Keystone Project - connecting the Central Vermont Path (Montpelier Bike Path) across East Montpelier to the start of the Montpelier & Wells River Rail Trail, creating direct bike path connections to regional schools and neighborhoods, and building a major new bike/ped bridge over the Winooski River. It's a big job and it's going to be a great trail - you can help! Learn more.

See you next year - Central Vt Cycling Tour "An Original Gravel Grinder" - the last Sunday in June - 6/27/21.

The part where we talk about Covid-19.

CVTA hopes that the community trails and local natural areas that we have helped to establish and care for over the years will be a resource now more than ever for healthful, safe, outside exercise, during this emergency time. Truthfully, we regret that we are not farther along in our state wide vision to provide a network of greenway paths, convenient to where people live, providing easy daily access to nature for all abilities. We are "keeping the embers of our organization hot" during this period of slowing, and will be ready to fire up again when we all come out the other side.

VT Secretary of the Agency of Natural Resources Julie Moore said it well: It has never been more important for Vermonters to get outside, but also to stay close to home. Anyone planning to spend time outdoors this weekend should do the following. First, stay close to home. We are fortunate to live in a place that has outstanding outdoor recreation in nature, and much of it within walking distance. Now is not the time to explore far-flung corners of Vermont, but rather to focus on backyard adventures, spend time in places that you can walk or bike to. And if you must drive to get outside work to limit your trips to less than 10 miles. Be sure to continue to observe social distancing outdoors. If you arrive at a crowded trailhead or a place with an unmanageable parking situation, see that as a sign. Please turn around and choose an alternative, that is not as crowded. And also it is important to leash your dogs, they are members of our households as well, and need to keep their social distance.

For ongoing updates on guidance concerning outdoor exercise and access to trails, periodically check in on the Vt Forests, Parks and Recreation website: https://fpr.vermont.gov/recreation/outdoor-recreation-and-covid-19.

Our Keystone Project

We're taking the Cross Vermont Trail beyond the Montpelier bike path
up to U-32 and across East Montpelier,
off the shoulder of Rte 2 and onto a path in the woods.

Finally, the pieces are all coming together. Starting in 2020 we will begin building miles of new trail and a big bridge over the Winooski River.
But would you believe that a spike in steel prices due to tariffs, and other factors, means that fundraising is still ongoing? Learn more.

For years now we've had a goal of raising $250,000 in local donations to match larger government grants and get the project built.
Well, with the help of hundreds of individual donors,
we have rocketed past that original goal:

fundraising thermometer

The unexpected jump in cost of materials means we had to apply for a significant new federal grant - which has been awarded to us by VTrans! This means fundraising for additional local donations to match the additional federal money is needed, but is getting close to the finish line; a total of $302,700 is needed with $288,200 raised and just $14,500 to go.

Meanwhile, fundraising for the longer trail, beyond the big bridge, is ongoing. We are actively applying to grants and other sources of all types to keep the trail going.

We've come so far, we can get this remaining lap done. Meanwhile, rest assured that construction will begin in 2020 with the funding we already have on hand, even if fundraising to complete the later phases of the project is still ongoing.

Make a donation.

Sing out to the Winooski Bridge song!


Aug 2, 2020

Completed the reconstruction of boardwalks along Johnnie Brook Trail in Richmond. This section of the Cross Vt Trail was heavily impacted by the "Halloween Storm" last fall, but hopefully now redone in a way that will be accommodating of future storms.

July 19, 2020

Reinforcing with stone the new Johnnie Brook Trail "dogleg boardwalk" in Richmond. Good group of volunteers this weekend made it go fast (yet in a remarkably non macho manner).

July 5, 2020

CVTA is joining forces with Middlesex Conservation Commission to care for the new 3 Mile Bridge River Conservation Park. This land was purchased by the town after Hurricane Irene so people could move away from flooded homes, and is now conserved as open space and riparian buffer. We're maintaining the front part as a (occasionally) mowed park like area, and in the back we are promoting native riparian forest regrowth. Or . . . is the part by the river the front and the part by the road the back? Hmmm.

June 30, 2020

Things are hopping on the Johnnie Brook Trail. Thanks to Richmond's Resourceful Renovators for showing up in force to help set the foundation for extended boardwalk, joining with CVTA volunteers and our summer long Vt Housing and Conservation Board Americorps crew.

June 28, 2020

Central Vermont Cycle Tour, today would have been 18th annual - hope folks are getting outside responsibly in this beautiful summer weather (with occasional cooling rain), and hoping to see you at the Tour next year!

June 21, 2020

CVTA's 2020 summer Americorps crew has swooped in to start the season by polishing off the reconstruction of the rail trail in Wells River. Welcome Emily, Kate and Monte!

May 31, 2020

Domo Arigato, Mr. Takeuchi.

Finished with the big machine, laying out fresh gravel along the rail trail in Wells River. Boulders in place, no more heavy motors on the trail for as long as the eye can see, phew. Now the fun part begins.

May 29, 2020

Power Up.

Which character to play today - Eco? Power? Rabbit? or . . . Float?

May 14, 2020

Spring sprung.

Watching the flowers slowly bloom and the trees bud out at little more each trip back and forth placing new gravel along the rail trail in Wells River.

May 4, 2020

Back to work.

Resuming the rebuild of rail trail in Wells River, Takeuchi and train robber bandana to hand.

April 4, 2020

Our Covid-19 post. Here's hoping it is short and includes nature.

December 22, 2019

Our annual appeal - Now is a great time to make a contribution to Cross Vermont Trail. We have a giant list of projects lined up for 2020, and with your help we will hit the ground running next year.

Read our full Annual Appeal letter, and project maps, and song lyrics. (PDF 2 MB)

November 8, 2019

Beautiful day, between the snow squalls, for the dedication of the newest section of the Cross Vermont Trail statewide route - Montpelier's Siboinebi Path! About 100 people came out for the ribbon cutting and to take the first tour of the new path, and beyond to the site of the future Winooski Bridge, CVTA's big project which will continue the Montpelier bike path up to U-32 and on across East Montpelier. We're making the final push now to finish the fundraising and keep the path construction momentum going without delay next spring, thanks for all your help!

Read the Times-Argus coverage here.

October 30, 2019

CVTA is delighted to share the news: The City of Montpelier is celebrating the completion of the shared use path extension on November 8!

The new sections, which run between Taylor Street and Stone Cutter’s way and from Granite Street to Gallison Hill Road, will close the gaps to complete the continuous path through the downtown and further upstream, enabling people of all ages and abilities to walk and bike along a more safe, direct route.

CVTA will also be in attendance to provide exciting updates on the forthcoming Winooski Bridge project, which will pick up where the recently completed path ends at City limits.

Supporters will have the opportunity on Friday, November 8, 2019, starting at 2:15 PM to join in to learn more about the completed project, the forthcoming project and to celebrate the new section:

Pre-Event Ride to Winooski Bridge Site: 2:15 PM | Barr Hill (off Gin Lane), gather in parking lot. Cross VT Trail Association reps will lead two waves (2:15 PM and 2:30 PM) of bike rides from the Barr Hill parking to the site of the forthcoming Winooski Bridge construction (6 miles, round trip). Walkers can also park at the Civic Center and walk the 2-mile round trip down the Powerdam Road (future Cross VT route) to the Bridge site and back to their cars.

Pre-Ribbon Cutting: 2:45 PM | Barr Hill. Food and drink will be available for purchase from Kismet and live music will entertain returning riders and early arrivers.

Ribbon-Cutting Ceremony (Hosted by the City and Barr Hill): 3:15PM | Barr Hill. All are encouraged to gather back at Barr Hill for a ribbon-cutting ceremony and the official naming of the path. “Siboinebi” (pronounced see-bo-WEE-neh-bee), which means “River Water” in the Abenaki language, will be the name of the path. Present at the ceremony will be city officials and representatives from organizations and businesses that partnered with the city to make the long-awaited path a reality. Mayor Anne Watson, Jen Roberts from Onion River Outdoors, and a representative from the Cross Vermont Trail Association will be among the featured speakers.

NEXT UP: WINOOSKI BRIDGE PROJECT. CVTA is excited to celebrate the decades of work that have gone into making the Siboinebi path finally a reality – and to keep the momentum going and extend the bike path up to U-32 across East Montpelier, including reopening the old railroad bed with a new 200 foot bridge over the Winooski River. The CVTA project is just weeks away now from final permitting, and will be ready to start construction next Spring. We invite you to come out on November 8 and take a tour of all the details of the final design, it's a beauty!

SUPPORTERS MAKE IT HAPPEN. All of our work to make bicycling safe, fun, and accessible in Central Vermont and along the entirety of the Cross Vermont Trail route relies on your generous giving. Please support the organization that is making your rides better by joining us today!

September 28, 2019

Beautiful day for the annual Foliage Ride on the Cross Vermont Trail!

September 17, 2019

Groton Forest Trail Run was pretty great this year, lots of smiling folks out on the trails, it was good to see. Also, some grimacing, later in the day, but that's grit, right?, and that's good too, right? The marathon and half marathon courses include many trail segments built by CVTA volunteer crews over the last ten years, including an 1/8 mile rebuild of the Telephone Line trail finished just in time for this year's event, whew!

Luckily, able to take some photos of the newly completed trail without smiling people in the way.

September 2, 2019

Thanks to sixteen folks who joined CVTA's August trail crew over the course of August! Another good year, upgrading trails in Groton State Forest for all users. Thanks also to our partner organizations American Hiking Society, Volunteers for Peace and (let 's be honest) Nagoya University of Commerce and Business.

August 19, 2019

CVTA's August volunteer trail crew going full steam on the final sections of the Telephone Line Trail that are way out of spec for general accessibility - closing in on the end goal of this multi year upgrade of the T-Line in Groton State Forest!

July 24, 2019

Laying down gravel through the dogleg on Johnnie Brook Trail - Jeff's new tractor comes through again, with only a very few homemade mods for dumping device attachment, surely not enough to void the warranty.

July 18, 2019

Setting stones for a strong foundation for the bypass around the big blowout of the railtrail in East Montpelier.

Work is ongoing periodically in July, August and September - give a shout to get involved, we're building two bridges and about 600 feet of new gravel path.

July 3, 2019

Johnnie Brook Trail in Richmond has a redecked dogleg boardwalk (easy for us to say). Next up, spreading more gravel in the remaining muddy sections, stay tuned. Lumber for the dogleg was purchased with membership donations to Cross Vt Trail Association - thanks everyone!

July 1, 2019

Good times at the Central Vermont Cycle Tour (an "Original Gravelgrinder") last Sunday. Over 100 riders of all ages enjoyed the scenic course and the home made food, while helping raise money to build the Cross Vermont Trail. Thanks everyone!

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Guidebook to nature and history along the Cross Vermont Trail.

Look beneath the surface. Explore the landscape of the trail.

Download a copy. (PDF 14 MB)

(The nature and history guide is keyed to locations in the statewide route map set.)

The guide is written in part by local middle and high school students. We'd like to work with more classes to continue to improve and expand it.

Giddy Up!
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The big fix
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Introducing . . .   the Cross New Hampshire Adventure Trail!

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