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Photo Gallery - Old Route 2, Summer 2006

Click on each photo below to view a larger image.

This past summer we spent 3 weeks working on the "Old Route 2 section" of the CVT in East Montpelier. This section of trail is approx 1 mile in length, and runs east-west between the Winooski River and Route 2. Our focus for the past 3 years has been a 1/4-mile-long portion of this trail segment which we have been building with the help of the VT Youth Conservation Corps' Community Greenways Crews.

A big thanks goes out to the VYCC, the VT Agency of Transportation, the VT Recreation Trails Fund, the Lake Champlain Basin Program and the Central Vermont Regional Planning Commission for their continuing support of this project.

moving the geotextile down to the trail
staging gravel for trail surface
Delivering granite pieces
VYCC crew and granite pile
chiseling a line to split a granite slab
inserting wedges to split rock
Freshly split rock, thanks to VYCC!
highlining a rock to the worksite
highlining a rock down hill
Removing highline straps from a rock
digging trail for retaining wall construction
Digging trail for retaining wall construction
building a stone wall
building a stone wall
partially completed retaining wall
Sliding a rock into place.
VYCC crew, leader & Greg Western on partially completed retaining wall
completed retaining wall section - all it needs is gravel!

Updated May 22, 2009